Here is a list of some of George C. Loehr’s published articles and speeches.  These are PDF files and will need the Adobe Acrobat reader for viewing. We will update this list soon to include all of the bibliographic citations…

Dr. Megavar Explains It All
published in Revue e Tijdschrift, the periodical of the Royal Society of Engineers, Belgium, October 2003.

George C. Loehr’s Testimony
before the Hearings of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, 31 July 2008.

Answering Sen. Pete Domenici’s questions
in re: the Hearings of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, 31 July 2008.

Reliability Myths in the New World Order
published in National Gas and Electric, December 2005.

Enhancing the Grid: Smaller Can Be Better
published in Energy Biz Magazine, January/February 2007.

Is It Time to Cut the Ties That Bind?
published in T&D World, March 2004.

Physics Trump Economics
Op-Ed piece published in the New York Times, 30 July 2006.

Take My Grid, Please
published in Public Utilities Fortnightly, May 2001.

Electrons Vs. People: Which Group is Smarter?
published in IEEE Power & Energy Magazine, January/February 2007.

And There Will Be Blackouts…
keynote speech at T&D World Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1999.

Additional articles:


99.05 T&D conf.HVDC

07.01-02 P&E

07.1-2 EnergyBiz

05.12 NGE

ABQjournal_ Keeping Electricity Simple

T&D.07.12 gcl.Ren.Man


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