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eLucem brings you consulting services and educational workshops for the electrical power industry.

George C. Loehr is an internationally recognized expert in bulk power system reliability. The former Executive Director of the Northeast Power Coordinating Council, he is now available as a Management Consultant and occasional expert witness on the reliability of the Bulk Power Transmission System. He also serves as chairman and an unaffiliated member of the executive committee of the New York State Reliability Council, and holds the title of outside director on the board of directors of the Georgia System Operations Corp. You can read more about him here.

Areas of consulting work include–but are not limited to–

Development of reliability criteria
Systems for monitoring and assessing conformance with reliability criteria
Multi-party and multi-system cooperation and coordination on reliability
Designing study procedures for large-scale reliability studies
Reliability as a key element in quality of service
Short courses and lectures on reliability, its importance, and/or the basics of electrical power transmission


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    The novel
    by George C. Loehr

    During a blackout, anomalies are found in two invulnerable computer systems. A glitch? Or the work of terrorists?

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The Evolution of Electric Power Transmission Under Deregulation: Selected Readings
edited by John A. Casazza and George C. Loehr

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