The new server

Due to issues with our previous server and hosting company, we have shifted over to a new web hosting company.  If you can see this post, then all is well and the new site is coming through.

What this means is, there might be a hiccup in our receiving email, but nothing major after today.
The email is fine, didn’t skip a beat.

Another new feature is an optimized version of the site for viewing on iPhones and other mobile devices.  You won’t notice anything different when viewing the site on your computer, but it will automatically detect whether or not you’re using an iPhone and provide an optimized version of the site formatted for reading comfortably on the smaller screen.

Thank you for your patience.  We hope to have the site fully operational by November 4th.

Thursday, October 30th, 2008 Uncategorized


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    The novel
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    During a blackout, anomalies are found in two invulnerable computer systems. A glitch? Or the work of terrorists?

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